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At Kokomole™ we are working on K-Pacifier™, the first smart pacifier that lets you check the feverish of the babies just looking at it.


Check the temperature automatically anytime and anywhere, even if you are not with the baby.


The data is sync with your smartphone or tablet, making it easy to keep track of the records and sharing the information with your doctor or another person.


Monitor cycles and length of the sleeping, alert of sudden movements of the baby while sleeping and is able to check the respiratory rythm.


K-Pacifier let you to find the location of the device and create alarms that will activate if the baby is outside the configured perimeter.

Kokomole is part of the 2014 Minerva's Program 2014, promoted by Junta de Andalucía and Vodafone, being a selected project among 211 projects.

Programa Minerva

Our team

I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.

Francisco J. Sánchez

Lead engineer

    Noelia Espinosa Serván

    Commication & Marketing

      Juan Andrés Pérez

      Bussiness developer


        We believe in great ideas.


        Kokomole starts in 2014 at the hand of three andalusian young. The idea of ​​our project arises from the need for one of the team members as new parent. Our project encompasses four areas of business with a great future as child health, the world of wearables, the Internent of things and big data. Thanks to a complex technological development, our smart pacifier incorporates several sensors able to extract hidden information on the baby's health. Our smart dummy take the baby's temperature avoiding awkward situations for the baby, the evolution of the feverish state, monitor sleep cycles , apnea monitor or alert when you leave a certain point previously established.

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